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What Is a Fabric Expansion Joint

Mar. 09, 2022

What is a fabric expansion joint

A fabric expansion joint made of textile fibers is a flexible element. It belongs to the category of non-metallic expansion joints.

Due to the specific composition of the individual layers, fabric expansion joints are not suitable for installation in pipelines carrying liquids. They are only suitable when the fluid is in the gaseous state.

They can withstand extremely high temperatures, even over 1000°C. In contrast to metal and rubber expansion joints, fabric expansion joints are very flexible and their stiffness values are not important.

Fabric expansion joints consist of one or more layers of different properties, each performing a specific task. Some materials are designed to withstand temperature, others are designed to resist corrosion caused by process fluids, while others maintain pressure.

The stacking and combination of different layers obtains a layering with properties suitable for specific project conditions. Thus, it is a very versatile component.



What are the uses of fabric expansion joints

When properly inserted into a piping system, the fabric expansion joint deforms and adapts to changes in pipe dimensions caused by thermal expansion. It can also be used as a connecting element between the equipment and the piping to which it is connected to avoid potentially dangerous "rigid interfaces" to the equipment.



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